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Proyecto cofinanciado por los fondos FSE. Comunitat Valenciana.


Creation a Management Department of I+D+i. Along with a project to realize an illumination prototype with LEDs power retractable.
Misana Enginyeria, S.L. has made the previous project in 2009 creating this department, becoming a Technological Partner of some customers, and acquiring new skills through transfer of knowledge with diverse technological center (Reflective materials and geometries, LED lighting, design of small rapid prototyped mechanisms, biocompatible membranes, etc.. ).

Integral electronic Service

Diagnosis and advice. We visited and analyze what the best solution to simplify, improve, profit ... electronic control of its machinery.

Design and programming:

Highly qualified, our I+D+i department develop a custom made projects, providing at any time support and technical advice.


We realize and tested it onsite their prototype before manufacturing making sure it is working and that completely fits your needs.

Development and production of your product:

We have automated assembly line and mechanical engineering if you need specific design of boxes or enclosures.


  • Creation and integration of PLC based systems to control machinery and processes.
  • Development of microcontroller based systems for monitoring and process control.
  • Optimization Systems.

Servicing and SAT:

We serve all your needs after sales. Also MISANA offered technical assistance in area for your machinery.

Misana Enginyeria, S.L. C/ Argenters esquina C/ Ferrers. Polígono Industrial Camí Reial. 46250 L'Alcudia (Valencia). Teléfono +34 962 540 542, Fax +34 962 996 700

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