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WindSonic wind sensor is a very robust, lightweight unit with no moving parts. 
This 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor offers measurement of wind speed and direction.
The instantaneous wind speed is presented on the screen in km / h with a guaranteed
maximum value of 216 km / h and the instantaneous wind direction in degrees from 0º to 359º. There are different parameters to configure. These are:
  • 2 individual alarms which will activate two independent relays.
  • The wind direction range in which the alarms will be activated.
  • The timers of the alarms which indicate the time that said alarms will remain active.
The touch screen receives data frames from the Windsonic (Option 2), through a rj-11 cable on
which communication is established through the RS485 protocol. The recommended maximum
length of the wiring is 1km. Other modes of operation are possible at the request of the client.

Technical characteristics:
  • Supply voltage: 24Vdc.
  • Touch screen dimensions: 3.5 ".
  • Wind speed: Range 0 - 216 Km / h; Accuracy ± 2% (at 43 Km / h); Resolution 0.036 Km / h.
  • Wind direction: Range 0 - 359º; Accuracy ± 2% (at 43 km / h); Resolution 1º.
  • Communication: RS485 - Max long. calbe 1km.


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